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The commonly called wire cables mean LVDS screen wire cables, namely,a new form of cables of Low-Voltage Differential Signaling technology. Regarding its theory, wire cables transfer data with low voltage swing highspeed differential motion. There are point to point and one point to many point types for the connection. And for these connections, low power consumption, low error, low interchannel interference and low radiation are required. The transmission medium and be copper PCB cable or balanced cables. In some systems where full signal, low shaking and common mode are strictly called for. LVDS has been put in wide use.

 FPC is a kind of printed cable of high reliability, high density, high stability and durability. Other than being phenomenally flexible, FPC is light in weight, thin in thickness and small in size. The surface of FPC is generally processed as gold immersion, anti oxidation, gold or tin plating. FPC largely saves time for assembly by configuring all necessary cables well. Being waterproof, quakeproof, greaseproof,high temperature resisting and easy soldering makes FPC more suitable for electronics. Besides, the FPC is also characteristic for its free bending, winding and folding.
Flexible flat cable(FFC) is a new form of data cable made of insulated materails and thin tin-plating flat coper by means of production pressing via high technology automatization devices. FFC is quite flexible, bendable, foldable, tiny, and it it is easy to connect and assemble, and disassemble. Other than that, FFC is able to solve electromagne interference, FFC can be used in the connection between mobile components and mainboard, connection between PCB and PCB. Inaddition, FFC acts as a data transmission cable in some miniaturization electrical equipments.
I-PEX cable is a type cable assembled with I-PEX factory connectors, normally, it is produced with micro coaxial cable, they are capable of handling high data rates such as USB 3. 1, Thunderbolt 3, eDP HBR3, PCle Gen 3/4 and more. They support high power delivery and have the option of providing 360-degree EMI shielding. The cables can be bundled to make it easy to route them through narrow spaces and hinges. These connectors are ideal for connecting displays, camera modules, storage devices and other applications.
Airbag cable is mounted to car clockspring, The cable supplies the airbag with power and interfaces with any other switches on the steering wheel. A good airbag cable will promise the transfer more stable, and more durable. A good quality cable means the conductor should be high quality copper, without lots of Impurities. We have lot of pin numbers, the regulars are 5pin, 7pin, 8pin, 11pin, 12pin, 14pin, if you need any other pin numbers, we can also offer.